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smuggler - knows many lingua francas to trade
trooper - is taught many languages as part of guerilla training
consular - walking library 'nuff said
knight - goes to same academy as consular
agent - is trained to be able to infiltrate so must know languages
BH - know languages to be able to find information to find targets
inquisitor - knowledge is power
warrior - ehhh, before sith academy you went to a boarding school on nal hutta that teaches many languages :P
a character can be speaking Twi'lek then ask what are Twi'leks, even if they have spoken to Twi'leks before (or they are a Twi'lek), also they can understand any language, so it's not learning,.
I know i'm quoting myself, but I already ruled this out, yes they might have picked up a few languages in training, the in game conversations make a joke of this as an explanation. However, I do like the boarding school twist for the warrior.
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