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02.17.2013 , 07:42 AM | #10
Well, it's currently my mum who is paying for the internet after countless attempts to ask her to get it sorted she still seems to believe it's fine the way it is (she doesn't use it much). We were with AOL but apparently they've switched to TalkTalk (didn't notify us), my mum has phoned several teams to leave them, but they always intice you back in with a good deal then a few months down the line the internet is garbage again.

I'm not sure who the ISP is, but when I run a speedtest on it says that my ISP is TalkTalk.

I don't know why this is happening, everything seems to be loading extremely slow now everytime I restart my computer, but once I can actually get something loaded it seems to load faster after the initial time.
take yesterday for example, it took me like 2 hours to get SWTOR from launcher > login, then I could close the game and re-launch and get logged in again within 2 minutes. After restarting pc it's back to loading extremely slow again.

I was messing around with connections yesterday and seemed to have lost my wireless connection so I'm back to using the big chunky yellow ethernet cable using a LAN.

EDIT: Ye I've had this garbage internet for a few years now but I'm used to it, it puts it into perspective when you see someone complaining about having a slow 2 mb download speed, that would take them less than half a second to download that file and it takes me upwards of 13 minutes. facepalm. Mums been saying for about 5 months she'll get a new internet but still waiting.