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Revan was already dark side when he faced the Emperor so little 'turning' was necessary. And later when Revan returned with Meetra and Scourge the Emperor was almost defeated, and may have died if Scourge hadn't changed sides. The Jedi who faced the Emperor were far from 'the most powerful' either - none were on the council, two were peacekeepers and not fighters, only one of them was a master, and another had had his connection to the Force diminished. Really nothing special.

And in the JK story the Knight says 'you will never possess that kind of power' indicating that the Emperor was deluded in thinking he could consume the entire galaxy. However I'm not saying the Emperor was weak. He was clearly the most powerful Sith of his time but not the most powerful Force user, and not the most powerful Sith whoever existed in the past and future, nor immune to defeat at the hands of a single Jedi.

The Emperor was weakend ain the end but he could still fight. and then the Jedi dident have to be in concil or Masters to be one of the most powerful Jedi it was clearly that the Jedi you played was one and they did clearly say that they was gathering a crew of the strongest jedi to face the emperor. The emperor took his power from hundreds of other sith and became the most powerfull or you think any sith could defeat 100 sith at the same time cuz thats what it was like to fight the emperor + the streangth in that planet. he consumed it all. And if you did listen to the dialogs when the JK talks to Scourge he did say Revan would have faild. He had seen it in a vision. So no he wasent even close to defeat. He was Imortall befor he was weakend and he dident die then he was only even more weakend. So in the end he meet one of them ost powerful Jedi the order could offer and the emperor himself was weakdo to some action that was weard to me but thats the way it was. If he had have been not weakend they might as well storm DK with 100+ Jedi to be sure to defeat the emperor but ofc the empire wasent as stupid as the republic and leave there capital undefended.
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