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Can anyone tell me how to improve Tharan Cedrax' armor/stats?

I'm lvl 50. I've been able now and then to give Nadia Grell my hand-me-downs, improving her armor. she's now wearing Columi armor.

But I find I prefer the work of Tharan. I do better with him overall. But his armor is fairly out of the box, averaage level of cunnning something like between 60 to 94 or so.

I'd love to improve Tharan's armor, but I don't know how. I've attempted to buy better on the Galactic terminal, but He already seems to have the best. I casn't give him my hand-me-downs as I use Willpower, and he uses Cunning. I haven't seen drops for him in Ops.


Thank you
The Recruit set or the Tionese set is your best bet to start. Then like others said, greed on Smuggler gear in Flashpoints and eventually you'll improve that. If you have alts, work on your companion characters. Getting your Presence stat high makes up for gear.
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