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Im preety sure he was. otherwise how did he manage to turn Revan and defeat a group of the most powerfull Jedi and turn them too. Even without training his streangth and power without sith training managed to srip his own real father from his rank and power at young age too. and that after gathering followers. Who have been described as more powerfull and who would fear him if he wasent they even say he is the most powerfull in the JK story I dont remember exactly what was sayed but it defenetly sounded like that expecially when it comes too them saying "Imagen what he could becom if he destroyed the galaxy" something like that.
Revan was already dark side when he faced the Emperor so little 'turning' was necessary. And later when Revan returned with Meetra and Scourge the Emperor was almost defeated, and may have died if Scourge hadn't changed sides. The Jedi who faced the Emperor were far from 'the most powerful' either - none were on the council, two were peacekeepers and not fighters, only one of them was a master, and another had had his connection to the Force diminished. Really nothing special.

And in the JK story the Knight says 'you will never possess that kind of power' indicating that the Emperor was deluded in thinking he could consume the entire galaxy. However I'm not saying the Emperor was weak. He was clearly the most powerful Sith of his time but not the most powerful Force user, and not the most powerful Sith whoever existed in the past and future, nor immune to defeat at the hands of a single Jedi.