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Who knows? They might. I highly doubt it was Maul given he is likely still angry at Sidious for killing his brother known as Savage I believe to do something such as that possibly. I doubt it was Ventress because Ventress doesn't do sneaky things like that, she attacks without stealth, period. Sidious might be it though because when you talk about the title, its "The Jedi who knew too much," so it could be that Letta was going to tell Ahsoka it was the Chancellor, who is known as Darth Sidious with his sith lord name, therefore exposing the Chancellor in a way.

But still, theres not enough proof to make actual statements of it being whoever, but I do have suspicions of either a new person being introduced, or it being sidious.
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my thoughs are the accomplice is the Mirialan jedi talking to ashoka. or she could be working with sidious. not sure about ventress though, would be cool if shes back .
Ventress attacks without stealth? I wouldn't say that, I would strongly disagree. She is an Sith assassin remember and on numerous occasions has been dispatched to deal with her enemies via stealth. For example when she rescued Gunray, when she used the Clone Trooper (Slick) as an informant on Christophsis, when she acted as a spy on Kamino, when she tricked Jabba in to thinking the Jedi had kindapped Rotta, when she used Savage as a pawn etc etc. Stealth is practically her middle name, along with Nightsister and assassin and subterfuge which are synonymous with stealth.

And also the fact that as we see in the trailers, it is her that Ashoka confronts. Seems a very unlikely coincidence. And if it is Sidious, who killed the Clone Troopers? I can't imagine Sidious getting out his dark side get up and sneaking around a military base to kill some troopers, looks like the work of Ventress.

And remember that Sidious is the Chancellor, and Letta said it was a Jedi. Letta would be able to recognise the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic I'm sure, and not mistake him for a Jedi. But then again, Ventress, or whoever it was, must have a Jedi accomplice. Otherwise how would Letta have a name? Come to think of it, why would this 'Jedi' give her a name at all?

I also doubt its the Barriss Offee because she dies in Order 66 (cut scene however) which means she's with the Republic till the end. Then again that could easily be retconned as it never made an appearance in the films, but she seems very light side, pro Jedi to me...