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This thread will help me convey the strategies/logic that I am trying to convey to all SWTOR players.

I challenge anyone who claims to be a high quality SWTOR PVP player to a request.

High quality: You display high awareness in game, in most if not all situations. You communicate with teammates. You display how useful your utilities are, depending on what Class you play, in order to help your team win each game. It should be apparent that the only goal you have in mind is the WIN the game; in other words you could care less about any statistics you put on the scoreboard. You try to win games through intellect and awareness, and not through just pushing buttons.

The challenge is that you record a PVP match, or multiple ones, and present them in this thread. You should present videos NOT with the intent of displaying that you are a DPS HERO, you should present them with the intent to prove you are a high quality player. I will personally breakdown and analysis each moment of the game in an attempt to help convey pertinent messages to the community. All breakdown and analysis will be constructive criticism for your benefit and for the benefit of all who watch. These videos could be of you pugging matches or playing RATEDS with your team.

These videos would obviously need to be full-length games or at the very least, a 3~5 minute video. I am not looking for the videos that you see how there, that are edited to display 1v1's or anything of that nature. Also, please do not submit videos against sub-par teams/players. The other team should be competent; in other words it should be clear that you are punished for your mistakes or rewarded for making the right move.


URLs to the videos submitted will be referenced here; at the beginning of the thread.

Feedback will follow directly after the video that is referenced.

Feedback can also be found from other individuals from the forum throughout this thread. If you giving feedback about a video, please give a direct reference to the particular video you are talking about.