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Depends on the game actually. I can't give you a good number as I don't count.


Offense- Pop predation when doors blow up to give your team that movement advantage. Otherwise you should be using berserk to blow people up.

Civil War:
Pop predation for your team at the start of the game when everyone hits the ground.
If you feel your team is getting taken over in a battle pop pred for that defense boost to help
When switching nodes to defend pop pred

Always Predation. ALWAYS when your team has possession of the ball.

When the other team has the ball you're going to need to use your berserk and bloodthirst. Generally pop the BT to focus down the ball carrier.

Pop pred at the start like you do in civil war.
Pop pred if you feel you need the defensive boost
Pop pred to switch nodes
Basically the same as civil war

Bascially The same as novare and civil war, didn't watn to type again.

Depends on whats going on. It's a utility and you need to learn to pop it as needed.

What else are you going to do with that rage? Of course!

I answered this question up there for you.

I answered this one for you up there too

Depends, if they switch nodes I predate, if they come back at us I berserk to kill people.

Of course I do. Why wouldn't you?

Edit: I didn't answer everything in a much depth as i could of so if anyone has any questions I will help answer them the best I can.
Excellent answer.

FYI this is not for my benefit. It is for experienced Marauders to come and here and comment so other people who are interested can read something, and learn from it.