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The fact that you can't change servers is the dumbest thing ever, and quite frankly, inexcusable. I could understand not letting a character go from PvE to PvP, but that's about it. If I have invested all this time into a character only to find out a friend is on another server, why should I have to go through it all again to play with a friend? DUMB.
Well, I'm rather certain it will be possible later, but right now they have hundreds of thousands of people logging on and they have to act quickly on many issues (accounts, bugs, etc.). As most people are just starting off, trying many classes, it's not a big problem at the moment (though I know restarting from scratch and replaying 20ish hours is annoying, but it's acceptable in the current situation).

And yes, I am one of those waiting 40 minutes before being able to play.

( I don't work for any company )