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02.16.2013 , 10:13 PM | #23
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Hi LoonyRon,

From your description, this does sound like a separate issue, as you are not even able to access the character select screen. Can you create a new thread detailing your issue, so we can investigate?

Thank you!
Yep, just tried haven't been on all day -- just got done working. Cannot even log into login server. Not sure if you guys are patching it right now or not. If I need to update or remove files. Etc. Hope it's resolved sooner rather than later.

Still not working. So I am guessing it is not just my connection but quite a few upset peoples' connections. lol. Oh well guess I'm going to FINALLY watch the Hangover for the first time. Try again later. You guys really need to start steppin up and reimbursing paid subs and those who are buyin cartel for access they aren't getting. Be a great show of faith to all of us who have continued to stick by while things have been messy. Just a thought.