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Hey there!

I can sympathise with your plight; my friends and I also had a small Guild until everyone left for GW2.

Academy Exemplar / Lyceum Narcissus is always open to new members. We have a pretty broad range of players; some of us are focused on PvE, while others like to concentrate on PvP (me!). We welcome players of any skill level. There is a lot of work going on at the moment between various Guilds (including ours) to help give the RP scene a lift. We also have our own RP story which we have got up and running over the last few weeks.

You can find out more and sign up at our Guild Portal site:
(The application questions are purely to find out a little more about you. I've never seen anyone rejected by the Guild Officers, so please don't stress about them!)

We also have an enjin site:
It's used primarily for Ops signups and to communicate a little better with other Guilds on Gav Daragon. However, the GuildPortal site is still our main one.

I'm sure a lot of the other Guilds would be happy to have you as well. Good luck!