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If you own a Marauder, feel free to answer.

> On average, how many times a game do you use Predation?
1-6 depending on WZ. most often in hb followed by CW and then vstar. least often in AHG

> In what situations do you use Predation?
start of matches to get to nodes/ball (stagger with others), when a door opens in vstar, when team gets the ball in hb, running to defend "other" node in CW

> Do you feel like Predation is more useful to your team in an all-out 8v8 battle than using Berserk for the extra burst?
is berserk the same as inspiration? the CDs are different. inspiration is up less often so I'm far more liberal with transcendence/predation. but to answer the question, inspiration is more situational but can be more valuable. predation is the most important buff in the WZ (outside of stun-bubble poo)

> Do you use your spammable AOE ability in order to build fury if you have the extra rage left after a battle?
trying to think of a spammable aoe on a sentinel/mara that builds focus....

> In Huttball matches, do you build rage up frequently with the intent of having Predation ready for your team and ball carrier or are you wasting your fury on Berserk?

> How many times a game do you use Predation in Huttball matches specifically?
> Do you save your stacks of fury after a big battle in which your team wipes the other team so you can pop Predation and help your team rotate to where they need to be? Or instead do you use your berserk so you can pad your stats more by killing that last guy that is alive that is 1v4 versus your team..
if I'm in a fight, I'll use the stacks for xen (watchman/anni), but if the fight's decided, I'll save the stacks for w/e I might need to do next. it could be another xen or trans or inspir

> Do you even have Predation as a key bind? Because sometimes I wonder...
these were rhetorical questions, weren't they? my bad.