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I feel that the Rule of Two is the best Sith philosophy to date, simply because it obviously worked in the end. When the Sith ruled over entire empires they were constantly in a state of constant borderline civil war, with each trying to gain as much power as possible for themselves instead of working for the empire as a whole. That makes for an incredibly fragile government, that can only survive if the ones in charge make sure to always be the most powerful. And Darth Malgus single-handedly proved that this isn't always the case.

With only two Sith, infiltration became an option that ended up giving them control of the very Republic that they constantly failed to destroy. Yes it makes for a very possible extinction of the Sith, but it also means that the two that do remain will be the most powerful the order has to offer (or at least its best survivors). Krayt's rule of one was just stupid and egotistical, putting them out in the open and still only having one (crappy) Sith try to handle an entire group of lesser ones alone. That's why the Sith ghosts laughed in his face.

The Sith in general are doomed to fail because of their "top-dog" ethics, making complete unison among them impossible and making every alliance a weak one. While each Sith may be strong, either their lack of numbers or their constant backstabbing will always be the death of them.
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