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I enjoyed that episode. When they were first arriving at the prison (Before Ahsoka Tano was arrested) it had a somewhat Imperial-like theme. I thought it was very imperial-like because of the colors used and just everything.

When Ahsoka Tano entered the prison, before she was arrested, the doors looked just like the ones seen on the Death Star in the actual movies. I also found it suspicious that Ahsoka Tano had to give up her lightsaber before entering, assuming the clones would kill her at a later point but apparently I was incorrect. Letta apparently actually was working with a Jedi, which was previously told to be false but right when she was about to say it, someone used the force ability known as Force Choke on her, and it was believed to be Ahsoka Tano. Commander Fox along with a squad of troopers head to the cell, and arrested Ahsoka Tano believing it was her, and it actually wasn't.

Later on, General Anakin Skywalker entered the prison facility attempting to see his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, but was denied access due to the Admiral's jurisdiction. He was apparently furiously angry about it, but decided to exit. Personally I believed there was going to be a fight once two clone troopers appeared with shock sticks, but I was wrong. General Skywalker later came back with Captain Rex, and I believe by then Ahsoka Tano already escaped, leading to a manhunt, but with guns set to stun, not to kill once General Skywalker gave the order. She was believed to of killed clone troopers due to being located at a location with 3 clone troopers on the floor apparently dead and was ordered to be a KOS by Commander Fox, later overruled by General Skywalker.

Finally, General Skywalker along with Captain Rex located Ahsoka Tano in the sewers and then, Ahsoka Tano jumped down a large underground tunnel, I believe told to have no bottom, but she landed on a small gas-like delivery ship, and afterwards the episode was over.

I really enjoyed this episode and can't wait till the next one which I believe was named when I checked "Hunting a Jedi." I am very excited for what will be in the next episode and can't wait to find out.

I also suspected it was Sidious who killed Letta, but I found no proof of it being Sidious, nor any other Jedi or Dark Jedi yet, and I'm hoping to find out in the next episode.
The Jedi are always recruiting new people into their order that they usually don't kill. Meanwhile, the Sith are recruiting people to kill each other.