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02.16.2013 , 04:30 PM | #12
Agree about Guardian as the best spec to guard a healer, disagree about the build. The only thing you gain from going 27 (or 29) into the Defense tree instead of 18 is Hilt Strike, lowered cooldown on Push and extended duration on Enure.

For Enure, I'd take 4% flat DR and turning Focused Defense into a 15% damage reduction cooldown (that's additive, so if your DR is at 53% it shoots up to 68% with Focused Defense active, 88% with Focused Defense active and Unremitting going) over the extra 5 seconds on Enure and its 4% internal DR any day and twice on Sundays. Not to mention since you'll be gearing for Endurance, you'll be healing for more per tick on Focused Defense (about 550 per tick).

Hilt Strike is an extra 4 second stun, while Command lowers the cooldown of Force Push by 15 seconds. What does the hybrid offer that is superior to this? Simple, lowering the cooldown of Awe by 15 seconds. Awe is by far your best peeling tool in your arsenal, and lowering its cooldown by 15 seconds is definitely worth more than an extra single target stun or having Force Push up more often, provided you're playing with a smart team that won't break your Awe (but if you're playing a full-on PVP tank its already assumed you're with a smart team).

On top of all this, the hybrid at least gives you something to put some pressure on the opponent with in Overhead Slash, while going with 27/12/2 or 29/12/0 leaves you completely impotent.