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Here's a different analogy for you:

would most people prefer to:

A) have costs lowered to the point at which they would only have to work only 1 hour a week to afford to do what they consider fun, and be able to spend more time doing the "fun" stuff


B) have costs remain where they are and have to work 40 hours or more a week to be able to afford to do what they consider fun.

I thought
didn't you just prove the other person's point?
do you realize that the whole point of industrial revolution and our constant race for improved technology is to reduce out workload while increasing rewards, right? practically everything we strive for is making our lives easier. its what drives the progress. we get education to get better jobs that will allow us to make more money in less hours.
there is NO inherent virtue in working harder for fewer rewards. its certainly not fun. there's nothing wrong with it, if that's what works for you, but its certainly NOT better or something to strive for.

there's this confusion again of tediousness vs challenge. its not the same thing you know. tedious is repeating the same simple task over and over. it requires a minimum of concentration and skill. grinding for credits for a lot of people is tedious. challenging is figuring out a tricky mechanic of a boss , learning to work as a team. challenge is killing a pvp opponent of equal or better skill/gear. challenge is good. tedium is bad.