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02.16.2013 , 04:03 PM | #764
One thing I don't understand is how people are saying they just 'increased' the cost for social gear.

I've died twice on my main (Campaign/Dread guard geared Sage in full purple Campaign shells except level 50 orange belt/bracer, all augmented). Her repair cost was about 15k each time. Before the fix her repair cost used to average 4-5k.

That's more than a 3x increase. If the problem was social oranges costing less to repair, then that shouldn't have affected me since I was in full campaign shells both before and after the "fix". If they just fixed it so enhancements were counted then why in the world do enhancements affect my repair rate more than everything else? Even if they also added in repair cost for augments, at the very most I should be at around a 10k repair cost.

I'm willing to eat a 5k repair cost due to silly mistakes new people make, but if you assume an ops group that tries to include new 50s will cause two or three wipes then my 'silly understandable mistake tax' has gone from 8-15k to 30-45k. That is my entire guild repair allowance for a week, and I use that allowance for progression (not that 50k will really help much anymore if I'm eating 15k per wipe).

Which means my choices are 1) do more dailies (not happening; I have other hobbies, work, and am in school. I already have trouble doing Black Hole once or twice a day) or 2) stop running with PuGs and showing newbies the ropes. I like helping people and I love gearing people up, but if the choice is them or fun then I'm going to go with fun.

This change won't hurt me; I have enough credits and I'm sure I'll get used to the price hike in a month or so. It will hurt the new 50s who find themselves kicked from groups because our patience with stupid wipes has deceased proportionally to the repair increase. Assuming they even get groups, since it's just safer to grab a group of guildies I know can faceroll the flashpoints than take a risk of PuGing someone in recruit gear who doesn't know the fights.