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to all you people who say "there should be a mix of work and fun!" (actually ive only seen one or maybe 2) here is an interesting analogy:

If you had a car that required you to get out and clean the oil filter every 10 miles would you rather:

(A) adjust your entire schedule/lifestyle to take in to account the extra time and effort in commuting


(B) Scrap the car and get a new one?

I thought so...
Here's a different analogy for you:

would most people prefer to:

A) have costs lowered to the point at which they would only have to work only 1 hour a week to afford to do what they consider fun, and be able to spend more time doing the "fun" stuff


B) have costs remain where they are and have to work 40 hours or more a week to be able to afford to do what they consider fun.

I thought