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A load of CRAP. The so called "work" you are refering to is leveling up. The process of leveling up in itself is fun because it comes with a story that you are playing through. And even the grindy bits themselves have targets & objectives to aspire to.

The "work" you are putting in has a real purpose that is a core part of the game (and most of the time it is fun - otherwise the game is a failure). There are rewards and a sense of achievement at the end.

Why do we do class quests? To progress through the story and level up which in turn gives us access to better gear and higher level quests. There is a clear line of progression that takes you somewhere and gives you something in return for your hard "work"

Im happy to grind dailies in order to have a target bank balance of 5 million credits because that is a target i set of my choosing. I set that target for whatever reason (i want to buy something fancy from the GTN/legacy, i want to send credits to my alt to make things quicker, or im simply scrooge mcduck). Having set the target I can work to that target and have a sense of achievement that my grindy work has accomplished something.

The sense of satisfaction of having accomplished the target (whether set by myself or as part of the game) is in fact FUN.

You yourself have admitted that grinding dailies is boring and repetitive. (especially when you are sufficiently geared that you dont even have to pay much attention).

being forced to grind (work) for credits (a boring and repititive act) in order to be able to afford the repairs after a FP or ops has absolutely no purpose/target/achievement by iteself. Am i supposed to feel good after a week of grinding that I can FINALLY afford to run a NM op without the fear of going bankrupt?

That to me is no different from going to the office everyday so that I can get my paycheck which is then used to pay for my house, car, food, etc.

A game is (or rather must be) 100% pure FUN & ENTERTAINMENT. Any and all effort/work involved in the game must be fun and entertaining. Otherwise the game has lost its' reason d'etre.
The fact that leveling up and learning the fights for HM's and OP's may be more fun than doing dailies does not make those facets of this game any less "work".

The purpose, the target goal, of doing dailies, or playing the GTN might have been to have that 5 million credit bank balance, now it might simply be to be able to afford the repair costs. There is still a purpose, a target goal. It might not be one you like or even want to acknowledge, but that target goal is still there.

My point still stands, MMO's are all about grinding. Show me an MMO which is 100% fun. I'm not aware of any. Every MMO I know has at least one facet that someone considers work and not fun. So, by your definition, MMO's have no "reason d'etre"?