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I realize that, but there is the whole people who seem to think just cause the guy is Force Sensitive that he can beat any other commander. Or at least that is the notion, I get from some threads with namely Revan in them. (Not hating, but thats how I see some posts I guess clarification is in order.)
As a person who has long been... unhappy... with the way 'normal' people are portrayed in Star Wars, I find that the prevailing wisdom is that a Force user X is always better than a non-Force user X. Star Wars often reinforces this narrative, especially in warfare. Boba Fett, supposed bounty hunter master, destroyer of the most advanced assassin droids of the time, decides the best way to fight a half-trained and inexperienced Jedi is to close to melee with a blaster pistol. Just an example of the outright stupidity with which non-Force users are portrayed.

Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu are every bit as good as Luke Skywalker when in an X-Wing. Many Mandalorians, Morgukai, and bounty hunters were able to defeat Jedi/Sith in battle. Even the Hope cinematic (a huge step in the right direction, by the way) shows Jace Malcom holding his own against Darth Malgus, arguably one of the most powerful people in the galaxy.

Sorry for the rant and non-sequitor.

Anyway, Rieekan was better than his Imperial counterparts with the possible exception of General Veers.
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