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02.16.2013 , 12:30 PM | #50
UO was my first mmo, but honestly I was more into playing quake and other fps then mmo's. So I really didn't get into it the same way other people did. Once I was more or less too old to compete in fps games, I turned to DAOC. DAOC and EQ more or less forced you into grouping for exp. Solo grinding at the time was mind numbingly slow unless you had a buffbot. So the social aspects of daoc really kept me going. RvR however interesting was killing the game for me, until they opened Mordred (red server). It was like UO all over again but this time I wasn't playing any FPS competatively. Mordred kept me playing DAOC for years. You were nothing without your guild on that server and the guild vs guild conflicts have been the best gaming experience I think I have ever had.

In the end, I think the social aspects of a game is what drives me to keep playing. When the games started to become too easy is when we started to lose group content. I think they need to go back to making solo gameplay less convenient.