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What did they have that brought that sense of amazement?

Was it that we were new to it? Are we just burned out and jaded? Maybe even OLD and jaded? Is there anything that could be brought to SWToR to being a sense of wow (no pun intended) and amazement?
The newness is definitely part of it. Don't think I will ever forget the first moment logging into WoW. I'd never tried a MMO before, was completely overwhelmed, and had no idea what I was doing, but it was beautiful and huge, and I was amazed.

As for things that could bring a sense of wonder and excitement to the SWToR, I think there are a few things that would help.

- more in-world puzzles, easter eggs, and other hidden surprises.
I loved in WoW going around and click on the different books that were lying around, reading a little bit here and there. Those types of exploration prizes are fun and make the world feel more interactive.

- rare events (small, unadvertised, surprising)
The SWToR worlds feel static. Having small dynamic events would help a lot. (By small I mean an earthquake changes the landscape in an area, maybe uncovering a cave. Or a champion shows up unexpectedly and wanders through an area and then is gone again and reappears at random times.)
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