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02.16.2013 , 11:59 AM | #744
My guild raids a fair amount (at least 3 nights a week) and we're happy to fill spots with those less experienced to teach then. When we're learning an operation it isn't uncommon to have 5-6 wipes in a single night on a new boss as we're learning patterns. As one of the healers for our group I managed to get a 66k repair bill the other night, and one of our main tanks has said he'll raid until his credits run out then he's going to either have to downgrade his gear or run around in broken armor as he doesn't want to grind dailies like it's a job (he makes a valid point). Many guildmates, and friends of our guild have said that they won't be raiding anytime soon. Congratulations devs! You've managed to break a 5 game streak of raiding for my group, something few people thought was even possible. All for another credit sink. Wow...Just wow...
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