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02.16.2013 , 11:39 AM | #3
And then you have the nightmare of a HM FP I just went through....

vet healer - me
vet dps
new tank and one dps

**** the newb DPS did not listen AT ALL. he broke CC, he pulled trash when the tank was not ready (he even pulled a boss), and he did not follow instructions. And it cost everyone 40K in repair bills . I eventually initiated a vote to kick because in all candor he was an IDIOT.

After we replaced him the boss he pulled and the final boss was relative cake.

FOR THE LOVE OF G-D PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are new to an instance SAY SO and for G-d's sake read and follow the instructions in the chat window people give. I can work with just about anyone but ONLY if you listen/read what I type.