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This is what you get with f2p, a company that focuses 90% of its attention on the cash shop and how to get people to spend more money there, where a sub game has 100% of its attention on improving the game so people will continue to pay for it.

Way to go f2p cheerleaders.
Unfortunately, the game failed as a sub based model. Considering the alternative, I am glad EA/BW chose this route. Since the CM is the bulk of the game's income, yes, it needs to have a focus that encourages people to spend money on it. If this fails, then that first alternative is all that is left, and that would be the real shame. At least this way, the game is surviving and providing enjoyment for many people. You may not like it, but at this point enough people do to once again make it profitable. It's up to you whether to continue on or find something else that suits your needs better.

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Wow, 20k in repairs for a single wipe.

BW really is stupid. Bleeding subs over a credit sink, you guys just ... lol
Yeah, people quitting a fun and entertaining game because of some virtual currency that has no bearing on the real world. Yeah, BW are the stupid ones.

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