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Dang. There are some great replies in this thread. For what it is worth, I am not looking for a new game. That is not what I meant for this to be about. What I am trying to do here is think back to what made our most special moments in MMOs (present or past) and that if we could play developer for a day, what bits of that awesomeness could we bring to SWTOR?

I think bigger and more open worlds is one thing. For my example, I will use EQ and EQ2. Norrath is huge. When you come to a lake or ocean, you can swim in it and more often than not, there are things to be found under that water. It is more living space for the NPCs. More opportunities for story and lore.

I think that SWTOR has a lot of potential for things like this with Jedi Ruins and scarred battlefields with hulks of destroyed ships, tanks and other vehicles. Yes, we do get informational entries via Datacrons or Lore objects, but I think these things could be more.

Spaces usable for players for roleplay or other socialization (complete with more usable seating). I think back to SWG to the Jedi and Sith temples on Yavin. They were hardly used but they were still awesome. Some of our story instances would make great stages for roleplay. Many of these places are extremely well put together. It is a shame to see them once, then never again.

I am just rambling now, but I just think that there are things that can be done with the play space that can help. Thanks again guys for making this a great thread.
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