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Still it is stupid I mean no way 2 sith can take over a wholoe army of Jedi. maybe the 2 sith are poerfull but they are only 2 I bet there are 10 other Jedi just as powerfull living at the same time. The sith turn on eachother thats how it is and have been going on even under the Rule of Two so there aint any stop to that part. Bane thinks himself ise cuz the rule o 2 sounds wise if you hear it but if you think of it it sound so stupid a monkey could end it if somthing goes wrong and it sounds so easy to eliminate. They could only defeat the republic by infeltrating them from the inside wow what a great move nothing to do with the rule of 2 but that was a smart move. if there was more sith they would probebly hold that rule for even longer ofc someone will try kill the emperor to take his place but if the emperor is so powerfull then he will survive the attack like Darth Sidious. The onky time I saw his reall power was in episode III when he overpowerd 4 jedi but the lst one standing was to strong for him alone only the other was so weak they shouldent be Jedi at all. and then he hade a bit of luck against Yoda it looked like.

But the way Darth Vader talks about him sounds like he always wanted to kill him but he knows that the Emperor was to strong for him. How easy is it to follow someone that is weaker to the emperor when one know not everyone will be wanting to follow and help kill to get a new emperor out of fear or pure logic that this will only weaken the empire. the onlhy reson to follow the weaker is cuz he belives it can be done and then it would be easier to kill the new emperor.

I think the system with 1 emperor and a concil model was brilliant only that the emperor never showed himself. that was a bad move all this power and he dont use it itill he get weaker by that his empire somehow is fallng appart by both the sith killing eatch other and they republic demolating his forces. If he was to step up and punish someone a sith for trying to kill another when the republic waring at the same time or a faild officer then the Empire would overpower the republic. Manh concil members have been planing the emperors death and the emperoe knows about it and yet he comes in the last moment and kill them. nd getting new member with nothing more to say and back to the dark. *** give him his insructions his plans on what to do to rule to the concil so that they can pass it over :/

Rule of one was close they did have a concil a leader but the concil was to big. How it should be done is
1 emperor
maybe 8 Concil Members to vote if a drow the emperor gets the last say. ofc the emperor have to like both options and then maybe pic the one from the sides with the best arguments.
make it seven concil members + the emperors. Emperoers vote means 2p and the rest 1p for the concil members.
Only they can be darths the rest is Lords! no 100 darths running around
then there are apprentices and acolytes. the Lord or Darth/Concil member or Emperor get to chose there apprentices. but only the Darths or Emperor Himself cam promote em to Lords and then the Emperor can promote the new Darths.

Lords can hold the tiles of Generals or Commanders in wars and battles.
Apprentices dont have That much power but they only obey there master and his supiriors Concil and Emperor.
Acolyes is nothing they are just like usual soldiers in a risky training Die or Survive and become the apprentice.
Then there are the army and here ranks Moffs or Grand Moffs have as much power as a Lord cuz they aint many and have gone alote longer way to prove themselfs wothy while its so much easyer for the sith to porve himslef by using the force.
So Sith = stronger. Moffs = great leaders deservs some respect and power!

1. Emperor
2. Concil Members (Most powerfull sith)
3. Lords (Sith who have proven themselfs) and Moffs/Grand Moff (usuall military who have proven themselfs)
4. The rest of the army with there own ranks whatever + the apprentice get some power over the lower ranks
5. People, Acolytes who is last in line! :P

Thats a brilliant Systme if you ask me but thats only me The Emperor was POWERFUL and SMART but at hte same time so STUPID that even his POWER couldent save his DOWNFALL!
The emperor in my little empire should be showing himself more and direct his men not sit in the darkness and planing things for himself there are no use to you alone if they dont get out to the real world! daaa!
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