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Greetings all,

Thanks for reporting this to us.

I've raised this for investigation, but for the moment it may be advisable, for those that are able, to call our Account & Billing team. At the least they will be able to temporarily remove the Security Key, allowing you to login again.

You can find the details here.

Thanks for your patience.
Any news on this? Will we get a refund for the days that we can't log in because of this? I have the mobile security key for android and can't log in because of this stupid bug. Can't call phone to remove it either because of exorbitant international rates and hours of queues! When you had the free 800 line one could call via voice over IP it was acceptable but now? Come on! I can't even cancel my account before it auto-renews for 6 months now since I can't login due to the non-working security key. This is criminal.