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You say fun, but the goal should simply be killing the enemy faction without having an objective. Rewards give this silly goal a reason. Now do not get me wrong I do not believe objective pvp is bad, however, there need to be rewards for such a thing as well and then there needs to be balance. Balance is much harder to achieve. With FFA and keeping maximum group size at 4 keep the balance issue at bay. There will be specs and group make ups that dominate suck as cookie cutters but again FFA makes that even hard to perfect.

Reward - I would like to see credits valor and if commendations are to be involved I'd say though a true pvp quest. Titles should also be granted based on player kills and solo kills. Titles give a player something to strive for.

Risk - the risk should not be devestating. It should be a minor inconvenience. For ever death your endurance is lowered and it cost 500 credits to repair. On the flip side when you kill someone you should be rewarded that 500 credits.

If you do this in every daily area (with an FFA pvp area) I believe world pvp would flourish. But what would I know I have only been playing mmos for 13 years all of which I have played on the closest thing to a "hardcore pvp" server.
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