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Ok i have a few 50's now and leveled Tank to 50 twice. Leveled healer to 50 and DPS's to 50.

Yes there are Tanking Mods Defense and Absorb ones. Two types of defense mods one low defense one high Defense. But these arent readily obtainable to gear you up ready for 50.

Below 30 there are Guardian Mods and Armouring's but they all seem uncraftable. I've had to gear each Tank in DPS gear which for all intense purposes help you to solo. But you are far too squishy as a tank for Heroics whilst leveling.

The purchaseable ones are what i have to get and this takes far more time farming planet commendations. Compare this to being able to fully gear up a Healer or DPS in Artifact Mods Armouring and Enhancement to a Tank of the same level you'll start to notice, Why No Tank Mods low level is bad. Now when you get higher This becomes a serious problem. After 30 yes you can then start crafting Guardian Mods and Armouring but you do still lack the additional stat bonus on mods. Enhancements start to help to but this doesnt fix it completely, the good enhancements start at 40+. But you still lack the defense Mods which are in game.(Small example of a 26 mod which gives 41 Defense, lower mods of this type would easily fix gearing up issue's with tanks)

Here is why No matter if your Light or a heavy Tank you are so squishy when you turn 50(i have not felt like a tank). Tanks get shouted at for many reasons. Not having the mods to get the defense needed, then you can start to use the New free Tionesse commendations to get the shield and absorb fixed (as much as you can from tionesse modifcations), so you become less squishy and easier to keep up by healers.

It's taken me many months to fix stat inbalance, i origionally geared up tank before Tionesse commendations were given freely. I'm not even full Black Hole and my stats are perfectly balanced now. 25 50 50 etc.

Honestly Tank Modifcations and Armouring need to be readily available to craft because it really does create an inbalance between dps/healer to Tank classes who can get balanced stats as they level. For healers who can readily stack power like DPS can for bigger heals and more damage. I've seen non tionesse geared dps and healers do better than a brand new tionesse Tank. They don't normally have better skills but they can function alot better. Because there mods amouring and enhancements start really low.