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big question is, why would anyone want to waste cartel coins on this?? the price is 50k credits for the ability itself, and then 10k for the first timerdrop, 20k or 30k for the second and 50k for the last.... thats a hell of a lot better value then spending over a 1000 coins on it! and btw, who the frigg cares about this anyway, this is a small, insignificant bug compaird some of the other stuff that needs attention!
You realize that it requires legacy level 30, 40 and 50 to unlock these with credits, right? I have gotten 5 characters to 50 and I'm still only legacy 32. If you don't play much lv50 PVP or grind a lot of lv50 dailies, you're not going to have a high enough legacy to unlock these with credits.

I also got a refund of my cartel coins just now. I had submitted a ticket on 14 Feb (as a bug report), which I guess goes to the QA team who can't do refunds. I submitted another ticket (as account/billing) on 15 Feb, which was processed within hours.