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PVP should NEVER be about the killing of the players. It is a goal for a goal. PvP should always be around the fulfill the objective. Otherwise, all will choose the most effective class and the game will be boring and not interesting.
I think that PvP should never be around some objective where FoTM classes have huge advantage, such as: Smash spec, Bubble Pop since people are clustered and have to stay close where these abilities are simply working heavenly.

The only thing they should make is give Warzone commendations for every kill, but there should be some limit on how many times you can kill some player to get the Commendation. That will prevent people from trading the kills. I would personally love credits : P. I have to admit, I dislike "the gear damaging" part. I really hope they never implement that.

To be honest, I do not care about rewards but, sadly, if that has to be added to make people engage into PvP, be it.

Oh, this is just my opinion.