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Thanks guys! I have learned a lot. Tested a FP today, and it went very very good Some of the answers in this thread isn't to find anywhere else, and its them I have enjoyed most.

Thanks a lot!
You know I really like your attitude. I understand it is not easy to explore new genre of games where you are not used to. For my own personal example, I am an MMO guy. Put me in any game that is classified as a MMO, and I will excel at it regardless of different mechanics. However, I am a terrible first-person-shooter player. I just can't do it! I am always drooling at gameplay videos where the person in it were showing off stunts and moves that make some actions scenes in action movies look like kindergarten play rehearsal. But I digress.

Some times I find it hard to explain and teach newbies because from time to time I encounter these "over-sensitive-fragile" type of players. I am not a professional educator, so I do not know how to "sugar-coat" tough information. I like to give information and teach them "as is" because I think it is the best way to avoid confusion. But you know what? Some times when I do, these "over-sensitive-fragile" types will go completely berserk and start to lash out left and right for telling them something "they don't want to hear".

So thank you for being a character who is willing to accept one's own flaws and grow from it. Bravo!