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02.16.2013 , 03:12 AM | #9
Mine's Final Fantasy XI which has some similarities to EQ. It was part of that generation of mmos. Definitely a steep learning curve for someone like me who was brand new to mmos. I thought "Online Final Fantasy?! I must try this!" Having no clue what I was getting myself into.

The "wow" factor you guys are mentioning was notched up a few levels for me with that game. Not only getting my 1st taste of an mmo, but an mmo based on one of my favorite game series ever. That adds to the sentiment that no modern mmo could ever compare.

Though some of what made it amazing includes hardcore elements I'd probably not want to revisit nowadays. I actually don't mind the laid back, casual mmos now. However, I'll never take them as seriously because of it. The sense of accomplishment isn't there. They're not serious business to me.

What modern games could try to match is the vast, beautiful game world I can get lost in. Full of amazing sights, sounds & activities to pass the time. A place I love logging into even when I don't have a quest objective to take care of. I just want to be in that world doing something. That's often cited as a major complaint here with SWTOR. To me it leaves a lot to be desired in that department.