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02.16.2013 , 02:24 AM | #676
@ elvinlordryan
Thanks for calling all people who agree on the stupid repair cost "stupid".
Sorry if we're not as smart as you... your IQ is so high that of course you understood everything in 10sec.
We're all QQ, F2P players or really poor subs player (like me I'm playing swtor since beta).

But hey, see the positive side of it, all QQ and poor players are cancelling their subs !!
What a wonderfull world you'll be living in few weeks... only great players like you, smart with great IQ !

I hope that you'll be smart enough to compensate all the money that EA will be missing due to all cancellation subs.. otherwise you'll have a "QQ and poor Financial Manager" who will ask to shut down the servers.

Have fun