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02.16.2013 , 12:31 AM | #675
ok, repairs are definitely bugged.

was just trying to get world boss on Illum and we wiped to his debuff (it was a worm boss) my repair from wipe, wearing mostly bind on legacy/cartel armor shells was 8k. which I think is decent. another person in same group as me, wearing tionese shells? 30k. bear in mind, our modification quality was exactly the same, I just ripped the mods out of tionese shells and put them into event gear. this does NOT look like working as intended to me, and 30k for a single wipe, honestly seems a bit much. I used to come out at least even when running flashpoints etc ,even if they were going badly. I'm a little scared of what will happen when my operative finally hits 50 and will be wearing lvl 50 shells for a bit.

I'm not unsubscribing. there too much I still like in a game. but repair costs have got to be fixed.