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I hear ya, but the thing is, they did that change in 1.2 because repair costs were too high before that.

What would be their thinking (outside some cartel repair kit coming) for raising it for any reason. If you're going to "fix" this, then lower the overall since it's going to be back to being too high again.

They don't seem to understand that credit sinks like this hurt the wrong people. The people with oodles and oodles of credits aren't going to care because they have the time and the methods to earn creds constantly. The average player that has less time to play is not interested in being forced to spend 80% of play time earning creds and 20% doing things they actually enjoy.

Today is my last sub day, if it's not already freemium. I decided a while ago that their decisions were so out of touch that I wasn't willing to pay money anymore. If I find F2P too restrictive, I'll just go somewhere else eventually. Not crying, not complaining. Just saying, the people making decisions here are out of it.

I don't know what the future holds, maybe they'll finally fire the RIGHT people and get someone that knows what they're doing in there. Maybe the game will turn around. Who knows, but right now, this game and the people running it haven't earned the right to any more of my "creds".
The intent with 1.2 was to lower the repair costs, I agree. However, it may not have been the intent to lower them as much as they were lowered, and it is possible that they have been adjusted to intended post 1.2 amount. Even now the repair costs are still lower than they were prior to 1.2, although not as low as they were prior to 1.7.