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I am boycotting an entire company because of this.

Add to this the crap that happend with Mass Effect Franchise along with the unfinished KoTOR 2 ( yeah I know it was Obsidien but it had Bioware's backing) and the suckage that was the Dragon Age garbage.
to be fair, bio had zip, zilch, zippo to do with the relative unfinished state of kotor2. lucas was the publisher and obsidian was the developer. the obsidian guys came up with some ideas to expand the original scope of kotor2, and they were told to run with those ideas... but the obsinaties foolishly did not get lucas art's ok in writing. a couple of months pass and obsidian is told that they need to finish up their development as per the initial agreement between developer and publisher... which came as a bit of a surprise to the developers.

blame obsidian for being naive. blame lucas for misleading obsidian. blame bioware for... what exactly?

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