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So now you never wipe, and you've never complained about the cost when you (well, it doesn't happen according to you, but let's just pretend) do. How well do you believe you have made your point here?
technically he said he's never wiped in a hm fp, or he doesn't anymore. Which if he runs with a solid group, is 100% possible. HM FP's (outside of lost island and kaon bonus boss but who the hell does kaon bonus boss since they took away it dropping columi headgear even tho it's harder then the actual final boss QQ) are such a joke, most of them were designed to be run in non tionese gear, (obvious exceptions kaon and lost island) but now they hand you tionese gear significantly decreasing the difficulty. (BTW I despise that they hand you tionese gear)

And not all people complain, I never vocally back pre 1.2 said "dayum these costs are soooo high" i internally thought wow that's a bit pricey, but, whatever. I dealt with it (coincidentally part of the reason it was especially pricey was 1) tank 2) one of our healers only played for raids so i ended up paying for his repair costs as well so i was paying double 3) NM SOA SO FKING GLITCH OHMAGAWD)