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So basically you're saying that, aside from paying $15 a month to play the game as all the raiders do, they should also be required to grind 90 minutes worth of dailies per operation they have on farm and a large multiple of that 90 minutes when they want to progress?

Yeah, that's fun worth paying for!
I'm saying, I don't see the problem. It's not difficult to make credits in this game. Nor is the amount of time to make credits in this game egregious compared to other games. The only ones I see crying are the special Cupcakes who want everything handed to them w/o having to do any back effort to get it.

I'm from the good old Eq1 days when Hell Levels still existed before people like you whined and got them removed. When making Plat in the game took effort and time. Raids have always been expensive. Wipes have always been expensive. Corpse Runs were a real pain, till people wined and SOE added the cemetery. As they systematically removed the things in the game that made the game an actual challenge the game became easier and easier and those of us who played for the challenge, left to find games that were more challenging.

Sadly in this day and age, most of the games out there have little to no actual challenge to an experienced player like myself, and all I see when I see people screaming about having to actually do some back work to get what they want, is a bunch of self entitled babies who are so used to having everything handed to them on a silver platter from other games that they get upset when God Forbid, they actually have to put some effort into this game to get what they want. Not, mind you, that this game takes any real effort to do either, it's pablum at it's worst.

Only reason I'm even playing it is I like the SW IP and wish this game was about 10 times harder than it currently is.