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I haven't tested anything with this, but it seems like this would then have the unattractive side effect of making Cartel armor much cheaper to repair, since it sells to a vendor for one credit. While I doubt this was their intention, I suspect they will have many more unhappy people around if true (to reiterate, I didn't test this).

As an aside, back in the old days of repair costs, costs were determined by percent repaired, not a flat rate per durability point. This meant that it cost the same to go from 40 to 80 durability (for light armor) as it did to go from 60 to 120 durability (for heavy) - ie, light armor wearers had to repair more often, for the same price. While I don't really raid anymore, it would be unfortunate if the increased repair costs made this an issue again.
I checked with a Spymaster headpiece and came to the following conclusion. The cost to repair an item is currently completely based on the sell price of the item (not a surprise, I know). The Sell price is now made up of both the shell value and the mods (armor, hilt, mod, enhancement and potentially augment) in the gear. If the shell has a very high sell price (as the legacy gear has) then the cost to repair will be overly expensive at low levels. This is how the level 29 assassin in legacy armor has an 8k bill after a single death (or even just getting their durability knocked down 10%). Cartel gear with a "sell price" of 1 credit is the cheapest shell to put your mods in and can save you some money.

Unfortunately I don't know how the repair calculations were done prior to 1.7, but the more I think about it the more I think the shell was probably not included in the cost. It was probably based solely on the value of the mods which is why the legacy gear at low levels was not prohibitively expensive to repair. At high levels some of the shells can be quite valuable, but people with mods in shells that are cheap (such as the spymaster) are seeing little to no change in their repair costs. That's my theory, but there is no way to test unless they revert.