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Eh, you know, I'm at the point I just don't care any more.

You all want EA to keep the high repair costs in so that people like me won't help anyone through flash points ever again and numerous others who somehow enjoy raiding enough to pay for it stop doing it, more power to ya.

That's what y'all did in Spring 2012 when hundreds of thousands of players dropped the game in a very short timeframe and EA panic mode switched from "let's make a great game with episodic releases!" to "let's sell gambling packs to idiots!".

Will there be enough gambling pack buyers after the raiding subscribers are gone to convince EA to keep the servers up?

Maybe we'll see. Or you will, anyway.
Nowhere, have i ever said i want to keep the high repair costs.

All i have ever continuously said, throughout the entire thread is.

I do NOT see the problem with how high they are. I do NOT see WHY it's SUCH a big deal.

I even acknowledged that it WOULD get reverted back due to the high amounts of QQ over something that shouldn't even be as big of an issue as people are making it out to be. (srsly canceling subs over repair costs is *********** stupid)

Ironically you call me an elitist at one point in time, when i'm still the one willing to run and teach people how to do fp's, while you sit there and go "i'm not going to teach people **** because then i'll wipe, i'm not going to run, i only want good people if i do run" who's got the elitist attitude again?