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I'm a paid sub.

The game is really awesome. It's just stupid little garbage like fixing a bug that was never a problem, but the fix is a big problem, that grinds me. So I'm telling EA they did something stupid so they fix it.

Lemme ask ya this, Sir Defender of the EA... how many times between Patch 1.2 and Patch 1.7 did you ever tell to anyone - friend, acquaintence, guildy, forum post, or bug post - that the repair costs were too damn LOW?


I thought so.

So then why exactly are you defending a "fix" that fixed nothing but made the game worse for a lot of people? Do you want more people to quit playing?
I've actually said these to my guildies
"Wow, these repair costs are so much better then vindictus"
"At least the repair costs are cheap, kinda too cheap, but whatever"
"maybe they should incrase the repair costs to back before 1.2 so things will go down in price"
"Hey, remember when tank repairs sucked?"
"Credits are too easy in this game, need a new credit sink or a revert to repairs"