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To all the complainers,

You guys have yet again impressed me with you're stupidity. Have any one of you actually played the game at launch? Are you even paid subs?

I am reading hysterical posts about people quitting raiding due to the increased repair costs. Yeah, the repair costs are now about 10k each. However, the cost to repair at the launch of this game was a lot higher. Let's not mention the harder it was to grind credits since the game was brand new. I understand the constant grind of dallies gets old, but unfortunately that is what has to be done. If you want to progress in raiding, well you are going to have to put some extra time into making the money.

This game is attracting more and more of the "entitled" people who believe they should get everything for free. This is quite evident in this forums ranting about a decision that Bioware decided to implement. If this increased repair costs makes you complainers that angered or upset about how this game is being run, then please feel free to cancel your sub. You are not entitled to anything except access to play the game. Bioware does not have to give away free stuff. Bioware does not have to produce updates as quickly. Bioware does not have to come up with fun new world events. They simply do not owe you as a customer anything besides making sure the servers are avaliable. To you F2Pers. they owe you absolutely nothing. Playing this game for free does not mean you get the same stuff that $15 a month subs do. Cant hide your head slot? That is what you get for paying not a single dime to play this game.

Please stop complaining about this game. If this game is as bad as many of you say it is, why in the world are you still logging on? There are many useful things to do then to play this game. Learn to view things in a positive way, not a negative way.

Useful tips or corrections are always preferred over "your game sucks."
I'm a paid sub.

The game is really awesome. It's just stupid little garbage like fixing a bug that was never a problem, but the fix is a big problem, that grinds me. So I'm telling EA they did something stupid so they fix it.

Lemme ask ya this, Sir Defender of the EA... how many times between Patch 1.2 and Patch 1.7 did you ever tell to anyone - friend, acquaintence, guildy, forum post, or bug post - that the repair costs were too damn LOW?


I thought so.

So then why exactly are you defending a "fix" that fixed nothing but made the game worse for a lot of people? Do you want more people to quit playing?