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02.15.2013 , 08:36 PM | #642
I was thinking 'bleh, crybabies' when I first heard about this. But tonight our progression guild (which is now on full farm status) went on a NiM EC re-run of 16-man and had a few whipes (rusty). I have to admit, the repair bills are rediculious now. I have two new babies to handle so the fact that I get my 2 nights a week to play is special in itself. I don't have the rest of the week to farm credits and I refuse to use cheats such as spacebots (i can't believe they still haven't blocked them... seriously?) to farm money. I had no problem with the past repair bills but this is nuts. Being a full 63-geared sage, it's close to 14k per death. One screwup here and there and it's roughly 250k per whipe for a 16-man run...

Do you hate the PVE'ers? PVP is already bleh in this game and now you're alienating the PVE'ers on top of it all. Not to mention our East coast PVP server is the lowest pop of all... Thanks.
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