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To all the complainers,

You guys have yet again impressed me with you're stupidity. Have any one of you actually played the game at launch? Are you even paid subs?
You have not impressed me with yours. And yes, many of us are paid subs, which you would know if you had even taken a cursory glance at the prior posts.

However, the cost to repair at the launch of this game was a lot higher.
Yes, and what happened to subscriptions again? Please point me to all the threads clamoring for higher repair costs post-1.2. Go ahead. Where are they?

Let's not mention the harder it was to grind credits since the game was brand new. I understand the constant grind of dallies gets old, but unfortunately that is what has to be done. If you want to progress in raiding, well you are going to have to put some extra time into making the money.
It doesn't have to be done if EA changes it back to the way it was for a year, which is what we are asking for here.

This game is attracting more and more of the "entitled" people who believe they should get everything for free.
People aren't asking for free repairs. lol. I mean, what are you talking about?

If this increased repair costs makes you complainers that angered or upset about how this game is being run, then please feel free to cancel your sub. You are not entitled to anything except access to play the game.
We already figured that out without your helpful information, and have decided to do exactly that - me included.

To you F2Pers. they owe you absolutely nothing. Playing this game for free does not mean you get the same stuff that $15 a month subs do.
Really? Even if they bought cartel coins for all the unlocks. I have no idea what this has to do with increased repair costs, which ftp and subs both get to enjoy.

Please stop complaining about this game. If this game is as bad as many of you say it is, why in the world are you still logging on?
How about you stop complaining about everybody else complaining. If you don't like the complaining, then please stop logging on. Additionally, please only post positive comments instead of how impressed you are with everyone else's "stupidity." good grief.