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(Something not directly about the Jedi Civil War.)

It seems the true line of the "Dark Lord of the Sith" died with Exar Kun. Revan and Malak declared themselves Dark Lords of the Sith, as did Traya, Sion and Nihilus. (Though the Dark Council also seems to have a tradition of of all members being called "Dark Lord of the Sith")

This also seems the point where the extensive use of the Darth title started. Most of the old Dark Lords weren't called Darth, IIRC. Exar Kun didn't call himself Darth either.

Maybe the Sith Emperor or the Dark Council started this traditions and Revan picked them up there.
You're probably right. The obsession with the Darth title does seem to start here, as I can't recall of any other Sith naming themselves Darth so and so before Revan. I would assume the Sith Emperor started the trend of having the elite being called Darth.
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