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So I'm playing a BH on Jedi Covenant and I am in the Heroic quest "Settling Debts" as soon as combat starts my computer freezes up. I know it's not my computer as I just bought it brand new two weeks ago and made sure the specs on it were better than the specs needed to play. I notice that Jedi Covenant is always listed as "high" population. I would guess this has something to do with it?
Congrats on the new computer! While I have not done that mission myself yet on my BH, and even though you have a bright shiny new system, have you tried to lower some of the graphics levels for the game? I know I have seen this suggested in other forum threads about other missions/story quests/operations. I have lowered some of the settings for my computer and the game lags less except at home fleet ports. I don't like lowering the quality of the graphics on my characters but some of the background can cause the game to lag as do some of the special effects of the battles (firebombers make it really bad).

It's just an option and a suggestion. I hope you can find the cause and fix it, please post what you did here so those of us who run into the same problem down the road will know what to do.