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But let's be realistic. If you had 8 people in full 63 doing Soa, all they would need to do is figure out the relatively simple mechanics. Once you know how to do the transition, that fight is a cake-walk. It's not even that hard to survive his enrage (for quite some time) wearing Rakata, how difficult would it be for Dread Guard group?
Our guild did HM 16 EV not long again. with 13 to 15 people, not sure people were in and out, we had some fresh 50's but the core were either 63 and 61 with some 63. Boss fights were a joke. However the trash before Gharj was a little taxing, at least on this healer. Think we had three healers, not sure that. No wipes, but was more difficult than I ever thought it would be. Otherwise the boss fights were a joke.

16 person progression groups have my respect.