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I like General Rieekan. First time watching ESB, I got the feeling that he knew what he was doing. He was that guy that always kept his cool. Great character.

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Thoughts: I like Rieekan, he is a well thought out character and despite not being Force Sensitive he is a very good commander. Who said you needed to be a Jedi or Sith to be a good commander/tactician?
A good commander doesn't have to be Force-sensitive. Guys like Thrawn, Ackbar, Dodonna, and Rieekan have proven that they are excellent commanders (obviously Thrawn being the superior amongst them). Those mentioned could easily hold their own in tactical combat with a Jedi/Sith commander.

Heck, Admiral Ackbar used General Kenobi's "Kenobi offensive" to defeat Death Squadron. You don't need The Force to be a good commander. It's just that Force-sensitives take all the glory, I guess.

Great read as always.
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